“Afghanistan — where empires go to die.”

5th September 2021 8

Extract in this week’s Salisbury Review..…….Instead we should concentrate on what must be to western eyes the incomprehensible philosophical differences between two groups of middle class, reasonably prosperous, young urban Afghan women who outwardly look the same but think so differently that they end up having nothing in common and would probably kill each other for their respective beliefs. Twenty … [Read on]

Why I am joining the English Democrats.

3rd July 2021 14

At the time of the first Scottish referendum, I was an ardent Unionist. Along with many other voters in England, I have now changed my mind. In May this year a Glasgow mob, assisted by the local police, freed two illegal migrants from a prison van, an action that delighted the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Meanwhile it appears … [Read on]

Labour: The Nasty Party

8th May 2021 17

‘Abuse victims should shut their mouths for the good of diversity.’ Anyone remember when Muslim Labour MP, Naz Shah retweeted and ‘liked’ a tweet about girls being raped and groomed by Pakistani grooming gangs?Voters do. Anyone remember when Keir Starmer, Lord Adonis and hundreds of Labour MP’s spent three years using every trick possible trying to overturn Brexit? (A vote … [Read on]

‘Is it cos I white?’

18th November 2020 36

Dear English Heritage, Thank you for providing your new program for ethnic minorities as described at this web site: https://historicengland.org.uk/services-skills/training-skills/work-based-training/paid-training-placements/ I wonder how you define ‘ethnic’. I have two daughters, both half Nepalese. Is that ‘ethnic enough’ to fit your definition? They have both English and Nepalese names, so if one applied as Zangmu Llama, I presume her application would … [Read on]

School Meals in the holidays: The Big Fat Lie.

24th October 2020 11

I wrote an article in Conservative Woman suggesting that Britain is awash with food that has never been cheaper and yet we have a food crisis. I immediately received hate mail saying that I was a hard-hearted bitch and had no idea what it was like to be poor. The local rag ran a derogatory article headlined ‘Let them eat … [Read on]

Corona Virus Legislation: The Gagging of Parliament.

11th September 2020 23

What do the new abortion laws in Northern Ireland, the new mental health sectioning laws, the new local authority disability benefit rules and the £10,000 fine given to Piers Corbyn have in common? Not a lot one would think, but of course they do – they were all passed under new Corona virus legislation without Parliament ever voting on any … [Read on]

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