Selling our birth right for Covid 19

27th March 2020 19

The Prime Minister’s daily press conferences on the Wuhan virus have become populated by reporters with about as much diversity of thought as a Momentum rally, who are filled with a new self-righteousness and superiority over ‘stupid people’ who go to the park or get on the tube to go to work. When asking their question, they are almost salivating … [Read on]

Sajid Javid opens migrant taxi service to Britain?

3rd January 2019 16

It has been at least three months since illegal immigrants began to cross the English Channel in large numbers. The response to this from the political powers that be has been typical and predictable. Liberal leftists and socialists speak of compassion, but are not willing to lift a finger to help them personally. Margaret Thatcher poignantly made the observation that … [Read on]