The British Museum in 10 years time ?

22nd February 2017 6

Transformers 2016-18 | Museums Association Diversity is a “transitional demand” that covertly places levels of government interference between people. It is the placing of everyone in boxes, viewing people not as individuals with unique attributes, talents and qualities but as types, according to race, sexuality, sexual persuasion, ability and whatever new criteria for identity that has been invented by the … [Read on]

The Trumpocalypse

17th February 2017 2

With Al Gore’s doomsday deadline for global flooding having passed its apocalyptic sell-by-date in 2016 and evidence of data fiddling by top climate scientists, I found myself sighing with relief that the end of the world had failed to arrive yet again. That was until the election of Donald Trump. With President Trump we have seen the resurrection of not … [Read on]