Starkey: The fastest show trial in history.

5th July 2020 36

The left have been gunning for David Starkey for decades, as much for who he is rather than  what he says. For Starkey is that rarest of commodities: an unapologetic white man who says precisely what he thinks, without the slightest concern for who he offends. For his fans he is a free speech crusader, to his enemies a walking … [Read on]

Our politicians are not listening, time to throw them out.

25th June 2020 24

Everyone remembers a great teacher. One explanation might be the rarity of such people; another, that great teaching doesn’t feel like teaching, but something closer to immersion. It is disheartening therefore that the great governmental euphemism of our age may well be, ‘lessons must be learned’, which rather suggests learning is not taking place at all. In the aftermath of … [Read on]