BLM is a white middle class thing.

8th June 2020 25

“Blackness is a religion”, a girl screamed as hard as her lungs would allow. The surrounding crowd erupted, “Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter!” . So deep and meaty was the war-cry that the resurrection of Leonidas and his mighty three hundred was all but confirmed. Except, the citizenry attending this Black Lives Matter protest didn’t look all like the … [Read on]

China surveys the streets of New Jersey

6th May 2020 5

A fascinating story broke yesterday. US law enforcement has been using Chinese-made drones to enforce coronavirus lockdown. Worry soon spread that Beijing could spy on American citizens. You’d think a Trump administration, known for its anti-Beijing stance, would chuckle at the proposal of such an idea. Surveillance and espionage is Beijing’s forte. Xi Jinping’s eyes haunt the lives of millions … [Read on]

Grooming Gangs: The Shameful Reality that Awaits after Covid-19

30th April 2020 43

When Sajid Javid commissioned a study on grooming gangs in 2018, many of us reclined back on our chairs and rejoiced – “finally!”. It felt like a stuffy prep school headmaster came in and shouted “f*ck it” during assembly. People not merely wanted but needed to understand the motivation behind these barbaric acts. But last week, Boris Johnson’s government deprived us … [Read on]

Will only a wealth tax of 86% above £60,000 save the NHS ?

26th April 2020 19

A whiff of unrest is emerging in Norwich. When the opportunity to escape state inflicted confinement presents itself, I take a brisk morning walk around the city’s quaint riverside pathways and underpasses. One morning I stumble across a rather curious bit of graffiti written in white chalk. “Tax the Rich Fund the NHS” it reads. Two minutes later, I encounter another, and … [Read on]

Quit smoking and stay off a respirator

11th April 2020 4

“To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I’ve done it several times.” – Mark Twain. I sit in my black leather armchair, blissfully ignorant of the intoxicating fumes I inhale. I draw in on the cigarette’s butt, and tobacco burns. A crunching sound follows – it is a melody so seductive to smokers. … [Read on]

“BoomerRemover”, (referring to people born between 1944 and 1964) is now all over Twitter.

28th March 2020 25

The Extinction Rebellion movement hit a new low this week when its East Midlands branch printed posters announcing, “Earth is healing. The air and water is clearing. Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease!” Many of its members hold the idea that humanity operates as a cancer on the Earth. If that were not bad enough, the hashtag “BoomerRemover”, (referring to … [Read on]

Hong Kong. Where tear gas and rubber bullets failed, Covid 19 has succeeded.

9th March 2020 0

Hong Kong is now silent – Corona 19  has achieved what the Hong Kong police together with People’s Liberation Army massed on the border, could not.  Face masks have replaced masked vigilantes hurling Molotov cocktails. Weeks of rioting, blazing bonfires, thick tear gas and the screams of bloodied civilians are no more.   During the riots, 7,300 people were arrested and 2,600 injured. … [Read on]

Wham bam thank you Ma’am!

25th February 2020 7

I am sitting in a bar. Shiny copper spotlights adorn the ceiling, tan oak wood covers the floor, and the whole place is lit in a dark yellowish hue, giving it a swanky feel. I glance back and forth at the glass doors in front of me. Tiny bubbles rapidly rise to the top of my pint. A sign of … [Read on]

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