Will Aberdeen University be banning all computers, mobile phones and fashions for fear of slavery links ??

2nd March 2023 2

The University of Aberdeen has bravely conducted a ground-breaking review of its historical funding, in which it ascertained that the family of Mary Ann Baxter, the lady who donated the equivalent of £14.4 million by modern standards and indeed co-founded the university, made some of her money by selling a type of cheap linen used as clothing for slaves. This … [Read on]

The Climate is far too fragile to be left in the hands of Big Government or Big Eco

15th November 2022 3

What would conservative environmental action look like? I disagree that it would involve an increasingly interfering government dominating the decisions on our behalf. Surely a ‘conservative’ policy wouldn’t wish to hoover up more authority in order to dictate what we ought to do. For a while now I – though admittedly still only 23 years old – have operated under … [Read on]

Queen Elizabeth

8th September 2022 26

I cannot hide my sadness, tears, or fear. The last of an old kind of Englishman had sadly been lost. A queen who through the most revolutionary periods in this nation’s history, has remained resilient and proud of what she represented. The greatest kind of life! A life of service and devotion to our nation. Perhaps the last? One cannot … [Read on]

Britain’s managed decline continues under the Tories

26th July 2022 20

I’m not bothered who wins the Tory leadership race. It’s totally irrelevant to the governance of the United Kingdom. Whether it’s Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss, the end-result shall be identical, for both are entirely the same. There’s no meaningful difference at all between them. Whomever happens to triumph, to climb the greasy pole and perch on top of it … [Read on]