27th February 2023 3

Quelle surprise! Another Brexit sell-out with the ‘Windsor Framework’ replacement of the Northern Ireland Protocol? While we await details of the agreement, some aspects are clear – as are their implications. Politics – and EU politics especially – excel at obfuscating issues. The EU has, from its start, wrapped itself in Byzantine laws and procedures to obscure its underhand goals. … [Read on]

Fifty Years On: Brexit Under Threat

31st January 2023 9

Fifty years ago, Britain joined the EEC (European Economic Community). Much was made then and since by Europhiles, who claimed Britain should have joined much earlier, and by many others that by then we had joined much too late. Of course, Britain did try to join earlier, in 1961, not long after the EEC was formed in 1957. And then … [Read on]

Conservatives at war with a parliament totally out of touch

21st December 2022 7

Isn’t it strange how these days conservatives are the radicals and heretics? Traditionally (in every sense) preservers of the old orthodoxies and institutions, many conservatives are now railing against them and calling for their overthrow. And little wonder. Parliament might be another world away, preoccupied with issues far removed from Joe Public, and singularly failing to address the issues with … [Read on]

Wokery is Maoism.

23rd November 2022 9

Every now and again we hear sensible people referring to the actions of wokist jihadis as being revenants of those at the forefront of Mao’s horrendous decade-long Cultural Revolution, starting in 1966. Are these reasonable comparisons ? The parallels are indeed striking and disturbing. Okay, so we in the West are not expecting the 1.5 to 2 million deaths that … [Read on]

Is the EU turning right? Don’t make me laugh

14th September 2022 10

Current elections in Europe are revealing a move to the right in politics. In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats (dodgy extremist origins, now mainstream centre-right nationalists, anti-liberal immigration and somewhat EU-sceptical) are poised at the time of writing to become the largest partner in a new-right-wing bloc government, ousting the left-wing, progressive administration by the slimmest of margins. In Italy, the … [Read on]

Why has the British government subcontracted its immigration services to the Mafia ?

29th August 2022 12

P&O Ferries and Brittany Ferries must be sweating over the success of the budget cross-Channel services being offered to customers looking to come over to Britain. I say ‘budget’, but one does not get much for one’s massive expenditure outlay: a rubber dingy that has not undergone any Health and Safety supervision and an old life-jacket. Nonetheless, the great advantages … [Read on]

Brexit Delusion Syndrome. A link between Britain leaving the EU and the overturning of Roe V Wade in the US ?

20th August 2022 14

Remainer Refuseniks are still not prepared to emerge from the jungle over six years since the Referendum. Lt Hiroo Onada of the Imperial Japanese Army finally ‘surrendered’ in 1974, nearly 30 years after his government had capitulated to the Allies. He probably fancied a change of location having spent 29 years in the Philippine rainforest.  I’m sure Remainiac last-ditchers will … [Read on]

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