Is the EU turning right? Don’t make me laugh

14th September 2022 10

Current elections in Europe are revealing a move to the right in politics. In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats (dodgy extremist origins, now mainstream centre-right nationalists, anti-liberal immigration and somewhat EU-sceptical) are poised at the time of writing to become the largest partner in a new-right-wing bloc government, ousting the left-wing, progressive administration by the slimmest of margins. In Italy, the … [Read on]

Why has the British government subcontracted its immigration services to the Mafia ?

29th August 2022 12

P&O Ferries and Brittany Ferries must be sweating over the success of the budget cross-Channel services being offered to customers looking to come over to Britain. I say ‘budget’, but one does not get much for one’s massive expenditure outlay: a rubber dingy that has not undergone any Health and Safety supervision and an old life-jacket. Nonetheless, the great advantages … [Read on]

Brexit Delusion Syndrome. A link between Britain leaving the EU and the overturning of Roe V Wade in the US ?

20th August 2022 14

Remainer Refuseniks are still not prepared to emerge from the jungle over six years since the Referendum. Lt Hiroo Onada of the Imperial Japanese Army finally ‘surrendered’ in 1974, nearly 30 years after his government had capitulated to the Allies. He probably fancied a change of location having spent 29 years in the Philippine rainforest.  I’m sure Remainiac last-ditchers will … [Read on]

The Enemy in Plain View?

31st May 2022 12

Having a clear and obvious enemy is an invigorating thing. The enemy brings you together with others of a similar, opposing mind. It stirs up the atavistic animalistic spirit of your primordial origins. It motivates you with a focused mission, normally to do good as you see it, often to save or protect some ideal or, as a conservative, a … [Read on]

Democratic Democracide – One year to Brexit?

7th April 2018 3

With one year to go until Brexit (should it come to pass), the disingenuousness of Remainers – establishment figures such as Adonis, Cable, Blair, Grieve etc – calling for a second referendum is shocking even to embittered cynics. So fanatically intent are they on serving their fundamentalist Europhile religion they are manoeuvring for an anti-democratic coup. Their choice of weapon? Democracy … [Read on]