Brexit ? Its Grandad what done it.

14th August 2016 14

The wailing and gnashing of teeth of young against old for voting ‘leave’ in the recent EU referendum is remarkable and reprehensible. On TV and in the newspapers the young display their anger and misery at having being betrayed by older, selfish, working-class, uneducated racists. A historian reading the young’s hysterical postings on social media might think the old had launched a … [Read on]

Brexin; The Wood at Compiègne revisited

28th June 2016 6

I have never been happier to be proven wrong. I predicted in the first Referendum Watch in December that the result would be decisively in favour of remaining in the EU, on the normally safe assumption that big government, big money and big lies would win, as they invariably do. Alas, I fear, despite the historic vote, they still will. … [Read on]

‘The Dominatrix of Brussels’ 

14th June 2016 0

With the referendum imminent, the government and Remainiacs have not only overseen electoral fraud but have also launched a desperate all-out final barrage of fear to pummel undecided voters into submission. But as previously pointed out here, its fabricated predictions of calamities are entirely speculative, whereas the EU is responsible for real calamities occurring now: the Eurozone crisis which has … [Read on]

Referendum Watch; Would Britain be better off after Brexit ?

28th May 2016 1

Would Britain be better off outside the EU? In terms of democracy and sovereignty the answer is an incontestable yes. Economically, however, the honest answer is that no one knows for sure. The weight of evidence suggests that it would be. Or, more accurately, could be. Certainly, the [pullquote]The next decade is crucial; the momentum is relentless. The majority of … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH; Cameron gets his orders

3rd May 2016 1

For the Leave campaign to succeed on 23 June it must rely on some dramatic, last-minute deus ex machina, some shock that will turn the polls around. Unfortunately, the gods are increasingly demonstrating their favourable disposition to the Remain campaign. As if having the establishment and big money on the Remainians’ side was not enough, in the third week of … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: The Molehill Summit

2nd March 2016 0

My father, living in a more robust, less politically correct age than ours, was fond of repeating this adage from his youth: ‘If ifs and ands made pots and pans there’d be no need for tinkers’ hands’. That’s the deal David Cameron has made with the EU at the end of the summit in Brussels on Friday 19th February. He … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: The Great Referendum Scam

30th January 2016 0

David Cameron is readying himself for his smoke and mirrors ‘showdown’ with the EU this month, boldly demanding trivial and inconsequential concessions for the UK in a heroic gladiatorial contest that has all the authenticity of a choreographed wrestling match. He will return in anticipatory triumph, all Chamberlainesque, waving a symbolically white piece of paper and declaring that ‘there will … [Read on]

REFERENDUM WATCH: Britain closer to the heart of Europe? More likely to its knees.

14th January 2016 1

2016 is being hyped-up to become a momentous year in British political history, as we head for a decisive ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ referendum vote that will settle once and for all the matter of the UK’s membership of the European Union. This, it is solemnly pronounced, is surely the most important constitutional event for a generation with massive ramifications for … [Read on]