Down with the White Man in Art

16th March 2023 10

Woke up to the joyful news that Beeston Council, Nottingham, under the guidance of their Civic Society, has decided to allow local road tunnels to be spray-painted with graffiti. According to Jeanie Barton of the society, the arrival of unintelligible writing in thick black lines and accompanying childlike bubbles in sugary colours is a ‘poignant’ commemoration of fifty years of … [Read on]

Autism for All

16th February 2023 9

The Salisbury Review Magazine: “Opinionated, Rude, Right Wing and Wrong about Everything – but Right,” is due out in the 1st week of March. Buy the paper or digital copy and realise it is not you that is mad.  Autism for All  Between July 2021 and June 2022, the number of patients with a referral for suspected autism receiving their … [Read on]

Where are you really from? Lady Hussey was right to ask

3rd December 2022 19

This week I was banned from Twitter – rather frustrating as I had a few things to say, vital issues local and national, lack of staff in Marks & Spencer, why can’t someone as distinguished a broadcaster Michael Buerk use ‘gave’ instead of ‘Gifted?’ Then there was Lady Hussey being sent into internal exile for a serious crime against the … [Read on]

A Day out in Merrie England 2022.

2nd October 2022 4

Getting out and about does you a power of good – and these days there is that exciting extra frisson of uncertainty; about everything. I was going to see Richard III at the RSC in Stratford, a place which   could easily have become an international cultural hub, but didn’t, as it lacks good transport connections. It’s not even possible to … [Read on]

“Examining 9/11 as an embodied event and reading the Twin Towers through affect theory in an ecocritical frame.”

29th August 2022 5

I recently had the misfortune to hear ‘AntiSocial’, a discussion program on BBC Radio 4 about the use of ‘Trigger’ warnings, an import from the US, warning people about content which they might find upsetting. These are now used before most archive programs on TV, even Dad’s Army, and in universities to protect students from possible shocks provided by the … [Read on]

Black Power Games

30th July 2022 18

The Commonwealth Games opened in Birmingham on July 28th led by Sir Lenny Henry who doesn’t come from Birmingham, he’s from Dudley, but for the London elite perhaps all the towns in what they tend to call ‘The North’ are the same. Strange that they couldn’t find anyone famous enough and of the right ethnicity – non-white, actually from Birmingham … [Read on]

BBC wimmin on their menstrual (wokestrual) cycles

17th July 2022 11

In an age when educated people are rejecting scientific fact in favour of identitarian faith, dietary whims, and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, there has been a sudden, quite passionate embrace of biology at least to do with women. BBC Radio 4 is offering us, 28ish Days Later, ‘An intimate, bold, taboo busting series,’ in twenty-nine fifteen-minute episodes, all about the menstrual … [Read on]

Fat shaming – The new adipose crime

25th June 2022 11

Wokesters on twitter have found another glaring social injustice; ‘Fat shaming’. The word ‘fat’ is no longer allowed among the virtuous; in the enlightened US they have long used ‘Big’ instead, so that if someone tells you they come from a ‘big family’ you don’t necessarily need to look enthusiastic. The issue has swelled to large proportions by skinny actress … [Read on]

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