5th June 2020 42

Black people living in the United States – just as here at home – are seen for what they should always have been seen; equals; with equal opportunities, equal access to health care, to education, to employment, to the pursuit of leading a comfortable, content life in a modern civilized society. Our individual problems do not reflect the colour of … [Read on]

They want Cummings out so Britain can return to the EU.

25th May 2020 25

‘How much has Cummings got on you, Boris Johnson?” Piers Morgan tweeted in one of his many rants demanding Dominic Cummings, the VoteLeave mastermind’s dismissal, ‘What does this lying hypocrite know that means you’re prepared to risk the public’s health and lives?’ Yet where was moaning Morgan’s anger over Stephen Kinnock’s brazen flouting of the same rules in taking a … [Read on]

Religion: A virus far deadlier than Corona.

31st March 2020 40

During the apocalyptic days of the bubonic plague, the desperate masses flocked in droves – not to hospitals and medical experts, but to churches and religious leaders. Each chose superstition over science in a futile belief that ‘God’ was the ultimate vaccine. They wailed like banshees – their hands reaching out to the heavens behind clerical fossils donned in white … [Read on]