Northern Ireland: Entry point for the EU trojan horse

8th June 2021 6

Having been a Brexiteer since the late 1960s, when Tony Benn, Peter Shore and Enoch Powell were laying down the patriotic case for opposition to entry into an embryonic country called Europe, I’m all too willing to see the dark hand of the Brussels Empire on any wheeze designed to bring about the destabilization and then disintegration of the United … [Read on]

Why I’ll be cheering on Brexit Day.

29th January 2020 11

‘I voted Leave in 1975 and, having since then read or seen nothing to bring about a change of mind, did so again 2016’ VOTES in general elections and referenda can change history – making nations and perhaps breaking empires. They are not, though, sufficiently powerful to change the convictions of those on the losing side, and neither should they … [Read on]