‘A snippet of the reality we could have.’ The Guardian

15th June 2020 27

Black Lives Matter and other protestors have created their own police free mini-state in the US. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, formerly six blocks in the central district of Seattle is now the site of a new socialist Utopia. After nine days of nightly protests and rioting, the East District police quietly boarded up their precinct and left, ceding control to … [Read on]

Decency’s fight back against the left

13th March 2018 3

In scenes reminiscent of Nazi thugs smashing a Jewish shop in Berlin, Antifa an allegedly antifascist organisation dedicated to the intimidation and silencing of political opponents, broke up a public discussion about freedom of speech between Sargon of Akkad and Israeli Professor Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand think tank at Kings College London last week. Wearing balaclavas and equipped … [Read on]

Child passengers on the Transgender Titanic

25th November 2017 8

It was reported in July that as many as 800 children, some as young as ten, are currently being prescribed puberty blockers in the UK. As the gender juggernaut crashes onward, the delaying of puberty has become the next ‘life-saving’ treatment for children experiencing gender dysphoria. If the irreversible onset of adult sexual characteristics is delayed, the army of self-appointed … [Read on]

Back to the future with Corbynomics

12th August 2017 8

In 2013 Jeremy Corbyn tweeted ‘Thank Hugo Chavez for showing the poor matter and that wealth can be shared. He has made massive contributions to Venezuela and a very wide world.’ In July 2017 as Venezuela, having followed a strict socialist path, descended into poverty and violence with people scavenging for food and over one hundred dead due to rioting, … [Read on]

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