The Modern West. The Peter Pan who never grew up

9th June 2021 4

Since I am currently living with a friend in the Hungarian countryside, and I had to act the part of an undertaker in a comic-horror film being shot near Budapest, I found myself back in Budapest a few nights in early May staying with a hospitable actress and dancer. She had spent most of her life working in stage musicals, … [Read on]

Coronavirus 2019 is Project Fear version 2.

28th March 2020 14

Project Fear version 2 finally has much of the country afraid, and the British state apparatus is breathing a deep sigh of relief now it at last has Johnson and Cummings if not on the run, then at least on the back foot. A virus which will soon have killed 30,000 people worldwide (the average global death toll from flu … [Read on]

The Cult of Youf

5th January 2020 11

There’s something odd that left-wingers, lovers of the EU and global-warming believers have in common. They think something believed by 20-year-olds is probably truer than something believed by 40-year-olds or 60-year-olds. Check that sobering red map of 2019 election preferences by age. Revealing over ¾ of the Commons would have gone to Corbyn-led Labour had only votes of 18-to-24-year-olds counted. … [Read on]

Is Boris the Cloaked Remainer?

1st January 2020 6

The affable wit of Bouncing Boris has worked its charm, and we now have a Conservative government with a strong mandate to get Britain out of the European Union, and soon. Or do we? Johnson’s deal-so-far is still a weak, booby-trappd version of May’s “surrender document”, with EU vetoes on all manner of things Britain is “allowed” to do after … [Read on]

The Abolition of Britain

3rd December 2019 12

One of the oddest things about Brexit since the mid-2016’s is how careful everyone has been not to say ‘traitor’ or ‘quisling’ to some Britons who argue that a foreign power’s interests need protecting against ignorant, nationalistic British demands. The T word, ‘treason’, is also absent, as if it was extremist to even think it. To be fair, there are … [Read on]

The EU’s fear of the English

26th September 2019 3

Frenchmen, Germans, EU officials have insisted for decades that we British are obsessed with our past. I’ve been hearing this for so long it took me years to realise it was the opposite of the truth: projection, as the Freudians say. They are obsessed with their past – and with ours. It was living on the Continent that showed me. … [Read on]

The Fleeing Scotsmen

12th September 2019 11

On Wednesday, September 11th, the BBC and most of Britain’s newspapers gleefully announced that a Scottish court had pronounced that Boris Johnson acted illegally and had misled the monarch in carrying out the routine prorogation of Parliament. Proroguing specifically to run out some business at the end of a parliamentary session was apparently completely acceptable when John Major did it … [Read on]

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