Prescription for the Emergency treatment of the NHS

21st November 2022 6

  An initial £10 upfront payment for visiting a GP or A & E, no payment for a return visit for the same complaint. Those on benefits to recoup costs from social security. People who contract to take their elderly relatives stranded in hospital to pay a maximum income tax rate of 10% as long as they keep them. They … [Read on]

After Truss a golden future of “hard” money ?

2nd October 2022 8

I am sick of buying other peoples’ houses for them. For years I have been earning 0.05 interest on my savings so that the banks can then lend it to house buyers for 1.5%. Buyers is too kind a word. Thieves perhaps? So talk of base rates reaching 6% is music to my ears.  The consequent 10% mortgage rate will … [Read on]

Who blew up the Baltic Gas Pipes?

28th September 2022 15

There are three candidates for blowing up the Baltic gas pipes, yet both the BBC and ITV have singled out Russia as the culprit. It is hardly a considered view and demonstrates the incompetence of both channels when it comes to independent reporting. There is an equal case against three suspects: Russia, the US (along with Britain) and Ukraine (with … [Read on]

What will we do when Putin closes all the gas taps?

8th September 2022 5

It alarms me that Radio Corbyn Extra (BBC Radio 4 Today) has given such an enthusiastic welcome to Liz Truss’s plan to encourage people to carry on leaving their lights on all night, ramp up their central heating, and eat out on the government in the hundreds of thousands of cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in Britain since … [Read on]

ITN and BBC join hands with Sunak to take us back into the EU

21st July 2022 11

Readers should abandon watching ITV News. This evening ( 20.7.22 ) the newsreader questioned why a predominately white Conservative Party membership should decide who will be the next prime minister. Why was this unpleasant question fed into the little microphone behind the announcer’s right ear ? ITV’s bosses are frightened their plan – along with the BBC – to take … [Read on]

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