What will we do when Putin closes all the gas taps?

8th September 2022 5

It alarms me that Radio Corbyn Extra (BBC Radio 4 Today) has given such an enthusiastic welcome to Liz Truss’s plan to encourage people to carry on leaving their lights on all night, ramp up their central heating, and eat out on the government in the hundreds of thousands of cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in Britain since … [Read on]

ITN and BBC join hands with Sunak to take us back into the EU

21st July 2022 11

Readers should abandon watching ITV News. This evening ( 20.7.22 ) the newsreader questioned why a predominately white Conservative Party membership should decide who will be the next prime minister. Why was this unpleasant question fed into the little microphone behind the announcer’s right ear ? ITV’s bosses are frightened their plan – along with the BBC – to take … [Read on]

The James Watt Telescope. No news of creation’s postcode

15th July 2022 14

Seeing the recent pictures from the James Webb telescope I recalled an answer a Professor of Astrophysics at an Oxford College recently gave me when I asked him, ‘Where is the Universe?’ As in ‘Where do you live, what’s your address, will I need a visitor’s parking ticket if I come after nine am?  Talking of time, what are the … [Read on]

Russia will win?

28th February 2022 10

It’s worrying to witness the EU, the BBC and Wokery piling in as defenders of the Ukraine. The EU, the BBC and Wokery do not believe in democracy, free speech, or the rule of law. They believe in power, much as the Russians do, which is why the EU disguises the fact that its citizens have only a sham voting … [Read on]

The Revenge of Dominic Cummings

14th January 2022 6

In scenes in the House of Commons reminiscent of the final chapters of Wind in the Willows Prime Minster Boris Johnson (Mr Toad) confessed to the assembled Stoats and Weasels – Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and other po faced creatures from the Wild Socialist wood – that he had held parties for the staff at 10 Downing Street during lockdown. … [Read on]

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