The Revolution devours its Children

29th March 2021 8

In a manner reminiscent of the denunciation culture of the Soviet Union,when children denounced their parents, mothers their sons and fathers their wives, a senior policeman, interviewed on BBC Radio 4 today, urged parents to take their son to the nearest police station if they thought he had committed a sexual crime. In addition all those who had been victims … [Read on]

The Pope and the Princess

12th March 2021 19

On the 7th of March Pope Francis, an 84 year old man, arrived in Iraq, one of the most dangerous spots on earth. A country where religious wars have brought death to millions, where to step outside your door might mean your family may never see you again, where amid fantastic wealth, tens of thousands live on the breadline. This … [Read on]

The impeachment of Alexei Trump and the arrest of Donald Navalny

17th January 2021 25

There is no difference between the arrest of Alexei Navalny at Moscow Airport tonight and the impeachment last week of Donald Trump. Navalny and Trump are seen by their respective political establishments as enemies who must be silenced at all costs. Silencing opponents is the work of dictators. Both establishments have dug their own graves: Putin in trying to murder … [Read on]

Born to Fail

27th December 2020 8

It will take about 6 weeks to vaccinate all those over 80 and that is not fast enough. Doctors and nurses should be employed training (45) minutes lay people how to vaccinate and who not to. A procedure about as difficult as making a cup of coffee. Reinforcing lessons should be given hourly on TV and the net. Once the … [Read on]

Thought for Today. Brexit.

25th December 2020 9

Despite the Labour Party’s support for Boris’s Brexit Deal, the next election and all elections thereafter,until the EU falls apart, will be fought on rejoining this catastrophic entity. The key is ‘a level playing field’. Having played up every single hiccup at the border, every difficulty with a green card, every pet unable to travel to the South of France … [Read on]

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