Conservatives kill off marriage in their pursuit of socialism

6th October 2018 8

Back in 1984, feminist academic and specialist in family studies [sic], Carol Smart outlined her plan to ‘undermine the social and legal need and support for the marriage contract’, and thereby bring about Herbert Marcuse’s socialist dream: ‘the elimination of the monogamic … and patriarchal family’ which stands in the way of Utopia. This year, London has outstripped New York … [Read on]

Patricia Morgan; Float or sink – the witch will die.

14th November 2016 2

A friend and I wondered whether we should report all the gropes we experienced over our lives to the Grand Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry. Some of the offenders may have to be hauled out of their coffins. There was that man in a raincoat who peered through the school railings on hockey days. Hairdressers hired us as Saturday girls hoping … [Read on]