Watching the white privileged burn

25th July 2020 13

According to an ITV news report last Friday, one fifth of BAME workers in the UK feel they have been treated unfairly at work due to their skin colour during the coronavirus crisis, a survey has suggested. As is typical in today’s hyperbolic media coverage, the report based on a Congress Trade Union survey suggested that BAME workers felt as though they … [Read on]

No ‘kneed’ for BLM politics in football

21st June 2020 13

Like many on Wednesday night, I turned on the television to watch Manchester City versus Arsenal to enjoy once again the escapism of football. Inevitably though, reality kicked in. The Black Lives Matter campaign became the political football in the build up coverage from the off, the game itself an almost insignificant background event. Football become a purely political platform.  … [Read on]

BBC puts the knee into the windpipe of free speech

10th June 2020 4

So, now our media companies are censoring satire – an invaluable national source of laughter and light relief from the constant corruption and chaos in our country. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Britbox have all dropped Little Britain and Come Fly With Me (originally satirical sketch shows created by the BBC) from their streaming services.  A spokesman for the BBC told … [Read on]

Zooming toward the crematorium

3rd June 2020 3

At the end of last month, a Sky News report gave a stark insight into a profound sense of isolation our elders have been hit by during lockdown. A study showed that almost nine out of ten older people say their ‘social contact has reduced significantly during the pandemic’.  Another lady told the channel that, still being forced to stay … [Read on]

Digging with the right foot.

2nd May 2020 14

As a lockdown limbo lingers, there is talk, as our mild weather continues, of reopening public places in time for the May Bank Holiday next Friday during National Gardening Week. It begs the question: can garden centres now be considered essential? According to a report by The Sun earlier this week, an estimated £200 million worth of plants in the … [Read on]

Let them dress in PPE

21st April 2020 3

The Personal Protective Equipment crisis and the desperate lack of other critical hospital equipment highlights our need for a greater global industrial independence. As the national demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) heightens, our reliance on countries such as China for trade is brought into sharp perspective.  On Sunday evening, The Guardian reported that a ‘vital shipment of protective equipment, including … [Read on]

St George and the Islamic Dragon ?

27th April 2019 12

The 23rd of April was St George’s Day, that perennial day of politically correct paranoia.  Or not – just public propaganda telling us it was. The day when an Englishmen dare not show any hint of patriotism,  paralysed by fear. Even thinking about displaying a St George’s flag feels as though it is psychologically punishable by the thought police with … [Read on]