The Jack Tars of the Royal Navy and the abolition of slavery

5th January 2018 49

Professor Nigel Biggar, Regius professor of theology at Christ Church, was branded a racist, and bigot by an anti-racist group in Oxford, for daring to question the cultural orthodoxy in academia, with regard to colonialism and the British empire. All he said was that society should take a more nuanced view of the empire, and consider its pros and cons. … [Read on]

Nostalgie De La Boue

4th January 2018 13

Egalitarianism was on full display on New Year’s Eve when in a premeditated attack a middle aged female police officer was stomped and kicked around by scores of “French youths” in Paris. If you read that sentence, and immediately have some imagery in your mind, be assured that you are correct in every guess that you have just made. The video … [Read on]

Terror out of the East

18th December 2017 9

Someone needs to ask, what single variable, or direct chain of causality, influences a man who has left his miserable life to migrate to a society far more materially and functionally advanced than his, only to throw an opportunity away that millions cherish by attempting mass murder? A recent attack in New York demonstrates that the radicalisation rot has spread … [Read on]

The tip of the spear 35,000 jihadists are present in UK, about two WWII divisions.

8th December 2017 14

UK’s defence secretary Gavin Williamson said in an interview  that ISIS fighters and other jihadists who take up arms against the Sovereign should be eliminated. He said that they are legitimate targets for the military and that nobody who voluntarily joins an organization or a state which is at war with the United Kingdom, should be allowed back into the country. … [Read on]