Dear King, I hope you will be alright

16th September 2022 14

It is hard to imagine two more unsuitable candidates for Prime Minister than Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss. Both were members of the last government which instead of governing the economy with judicious rises in interest rates sat back and oversaw the biggest money printing splurge in our history. True, neither could have foreseen Covid or the Ukraine war, but … [Read on]

The postal strike and the delivery of the Salisbury Review Magazine

29th August 2022 8

Delivery of the Salisbury Review Paper Magazine and the Postal Strike The magazine  will be posted out on the 31st of August but delivery may be delayed due to the strike. Strike Dates Friday 26 August Wednesday 31 August Thursday 8 September Friday 9 September The Digital Version of the Magazine is now available from our website (September 1st). However … [Read on]

The Polish Prime Minister on the return of Russian Imperialism

12th August 2022 15

Historical challenges and false directions – Europe at the crossroads The war in Ukraine has exposed the truth about Russia. Those who refused to see that Putin’s state has imperialist tendencies today have to face the fact that in Russia, the demons of the 19th and 20th centuries were revived: nationalism, colonialism, and totalitarianism. But the war in Ukraine has … [Read on]

Boris out, Brexit out.

11th July 2022 32

Boris Johnson’s removal is a national disaster. He was the only politician capable of keeping up Europe wide military support for Ukraine – already lagging – which if it is conquered will bring us close to World War 3. Why was he dismissed ? For having a gay groper as a deputy chief whip and sipping a glass of wine … [Read on]

Latest from Migration Watch.

1st July 2022 8

Census confirms huge population growth in overcrowded England and Wales

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