It’s not supposed to have a mind of its own.

1st July 2018 1

Why are we negotiating with the EU over Brexit? It’s obvious they are going to turn all our proposals down, and it is obvious that Mrs May – the worst prime Minster we have had for decades – hasn’t got the bottle to pull off a hard Brexit. Instead she will call for a parliamentary vote knowing she will lose. … [Read on]

Obituary Professor Christie Davies

15th October 2017 0

(Christie Davies was a member of the board of directors of the Salisbury Review and a regular and valued contributor to the magazine for many years. This is an obituary, one of many, from the Magazine Freedom First, India – Editor) I knew Prof. Christie Davies just by his name, as friend of Mr. S. V. Raju and contributor of … [Read on]

The Health and Safety (of murderous criminals) Police

27th September 2017 5

This was recently posted (two weeks ago) on a London neighbourhood web site. ‘This afternoon in Chelsea, my husband and I were assaulted by these two men. They threatened our 10 months old baby girl with a huge knife. Seconds later we handed them all our valuables and they left on their motorcycle. The Metropolitan Police Service arrived moments later … [Read on]

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