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1st July 2022 8

Census confirms huge population growth in overcrowded England and Wales

Migration Watch: Briefing on the latest illegal migration rackets

15th April 2022 25

Each fake refugee (90% of the total) who lands in Dover is another place taken in the NHS queue, another increase in council tax and national insurance, another school place stolen, another postponement of the old age pension increase. Those among our middle classes who plead the fake refugees’ case are never asked if they have private health insurance or … [Read on]

Robin Cave RIP

10th April 2022 6

The Editor and Staff of the Salisbury Review regret to announce the death of Robin Cave.  7.6.32 – 21.3.22. Robin did the Salisbury Review accounts for many years and was the main proofreader of the magazine. He was the husband of Merrie Cave, Literary Editor  Funeral 11.15 am, 13th of April 2022, SS Mary and John, Cowley Rd, Oxford OX4 … [Read on]

Which wing of the political lunatic asylum are you housed in ?

28th March 2022 24

Do you believe this ? The Ukraine war is an elaborate false flag operation by the CIA. The scenes you see on TV of the war are fake. In accord with American policy to incorporate the Ukraine into Europe before moving on to the gradual dismemberment of Russia, the Agency installed biowarfare laboratories in eastern Ukraine and funded Nazi battalions … [Read on]

Immigration. The left’s death certificate for Britain

24th November 2021 14

What the left has in store for us over migration was made clear (24.11.21) on Channel 4 evening news when an interviewer asked various cringing, evasive politicians why, in the light of the drownings in the channel, why Conservative or Labour were not prepared to establish a safe route to Britain for all asylum seekers where their claims for asylum … [Read on]

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