Enoch Powell: Prophet of our times.

10th June 2020 10

The Maoist inspired riots in London and other cities will lead not just to pulling statues down and renaming ancient institutions such as Guy’s Hospital, the Tait, Westminster and Trafalgar Square but to censorship and the ransacking of our libraries for ‘white man’s literature” by self appointed literary gangs. This happened in China with the loss of centuries of priceless … [Read on]

My kingdom, my kingdom for a pair of trainers.

5th June 2020 13

Notice the impoverished state of the rioters; their skeletal appearance due to lack of food… so poor they have been forced to come in large and expensive cars to prevent their skins, made frail by lack of essential vitamins in thier diet, from bruising… Subscribe to the quarterly print magazine Subscribe to the quarterly digital magazine

Covid 19: the Brussels friendly virus

16th April 2020 5

Author Will Podmore Has Covid-19 infected the Brexit process? For the diehard Remainers, it has become the excuse they have been looking for. The government should extend the Brexit deadline “if necessary”, says Keir Starmer – already revealing himself as a master of the snide insinuation – clearly hinting that in his opinion it will be necessary. And like a … [Read on]

Covid 19: The virus with public relations. (Quadrant Magazine Australia)

2nd April 2020 6

One Dozen Dissenting Second Opinions It spreads out invisibly. It spreads along the streets and train tracks, over the counters and tables, the packaging and surfaces. And it spreads above all about what makes us human: closeness to each other. Confidential conversations, joint efforts on the sports field, tender touches – all of this helps the new corona virus on its way through the world . Hands, … [Read on]

Samuel Pepys on the Great Plague

24th March 2020 1

Sam Pepys In the Great Plague in London 1665 found  solace,https://www.pepysdiary.com/diary/1665/08/15/ “Up by 4 o’clock and walked to Greenwich, – – – where something put my last night’s dream into my head, which I think is the best that ever was dreamt, which was that I had my Lady Castlemayne [the King’s mistress, or one of them] in my armes … [Read on]

Is Social Distancing racist ?

12th March 2020 3

Ngupta Singh Welfare Jones, Senior Lecturer in Diversity Studies at Belmarsh Postgraduate Institute of Equalities wonders if social distancing may lead to racial affront and post traumatic stress disorder. ‘The so called Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson,’ declared Jones angrily, ‘should be more careful about what his officials say. How does he think a vulnerable jihadist on his … [Read on]

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