Samuel Pepys on the Great Plague

24th March 2020 1

Sam Pepys In the Great Plague in London 1665 found  solace, “Up by 4 o’clock and walked to Greenwich, – – – where something put my last night’s dream into my head, which I think is the best that ever was dreamt, which was that I had my Lady Castlemayne [the King’s mistress, or one of them] in my armes … [Read on]

Is Social Distancing racist ?

12th March 2020 3

Ngupta Singh Welfare Jones, Senior Lecturer in Diversity Studies at Belmarsh Postgraduate Institute of Equalities wonders if social distancing may lead to racial affront and post traumatic stress disorder. ‘The so called Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson,’ declared Jones angrily, ‘should be more careful about what his officials say. How does he think a vulnerable jihadist on his … [Read on]

El Nacion Argentina. Obituary to Roger Scruton

20th January 2020 4

An obituary to Roger Scruton publishes in El Nacion an Argentine newspaper. Written by Mario Vargas Llosa. A Google translation option is available – top right of page The translation engine says he ‘ran’ the Salisbury Review. I think it means he was a subscriber

Sir Roger Scruton

13th January 2020 12

It is with great sadness the editor and staff learnt of the death of Sir Roger Scruton who edited the Salisbury Review for many years. We will be publishing an appreciation on line and an obituary in the spring edition of the magazine.

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