Reputations: Diane Abbott

8th May 2019 13

The squeals of Labour protests over Question Time’s ‘unacceptable’ treatment of Diane Abbott will not surprise anyone who has followed her chequered often disastrous relationship with the media. ‘Diane Abbott has been subjected to a serious, often racist and sexist campaign of hate and abuse’ complained a Labour spokesman, who demanded an apology from the BBC and a full transcript … [Read on]

Racism the left drools over ?

26th August 2018 12

The South African Parliament began the process of amending the constitution in February of this year to allow the confiscation of white property without compensation. When in 1996, Section 25 of the South African constitution was introduced, it was originally designed to protect the property of the white minority from future government-backed expropriation. It included the ‘willing-buyer, willing-seller’ clause which … [Read on]

Donald Trump. Kicking a close friend in the face.

12th July 2018 12

It’s now common knowledge that mass rallies are planned against Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to the UK. While it would be easy to dismiss these plans as the infantile tantrums of an activist left so long dissociated from power that it’s reverted to an interminable adolescence, the level of energy which characterises the British ‘progressive’ animus against Trump still surprises … [Read on]

As Pakistani as roast beef and Yorkshire pud

31st May 2018 11

What does it mean to be British? A recent video on citizenship and identity produced by ‘BBC Teach’ (an online teaching aid aimed at ‘early year infants’) argues that Britishness is founded on ‘tolerance’, ‘respect’, and ‘equality’ with no other defining national characteristic given. The video, with its cartoon clips of blue-face painted Scottish nationalist Sue, or Jamal from Birmingham, … [Read on]

Who’s afraid of Enoch Powell?

15th April 2018 49

The BBC is broadcasting Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech performed by the actor Ian McDiarmid. The speech is not going to be delivered whole, but interspersed by ‘’contemporary commentary’’ — a kind of politically approved intermission to prevent viewers from digesting too much undiluted hate speech. But even this edited version has provoked the authoritarian sensibilities of the multiculturalist left. … [Read on]

12th April 2018 31

So we must have military action in Syria because Assad has allegedly gassed his citizens. Therefore, in accordance with universal humanitarian principles, we need to bomb some airbases. Of course, our universal principles of human rights aren’t in practice all that universal. There are some countries which appear to demand from us an overwhelming moral obligation to intervene. We must … [Read on]