BBC thinks it is not ok to be White

28th February 2023 2

Scott Adams, creator of the cult comic strip character Dilbert, the put-upon office worker who mocks the fads of corporate culture, was accused by the BBC today of a ‘racist tirade’ against blacks. The BBC reported that Mr Adams ‘who is white [my italics], said black Americans were part of a “hate group” and white people should “get the hell … [Read on]

Foot in Mouth Disease at the Palace

3rd December 2022 8

If only Lady Susan Hussey had asked charity boss Ngozi Fulani, a Rastafarian whose parents came to Britain from the Caribbean, what her heritage was, she would have been on safe ground. Fulani identifies as being of African heritage, Caribbean descent, and British nationality. Unfortunately, Lady Susan uttered the forbidden, ‘Where are you really from’, and thereby revealed her white … [Read on]

Queering the pitch in Qatar. A fortnight of fun ahead.

19th November 2022 10

For those of us who grew out of football in our teens, or who support local teams on the terraces, the politics surrounding the World Cup in Qatar is a welcome distraction from the football – that ghastly spectacle of pampered celebrity brats making an exhibition of themselves on and off the pitch. And few things are more enjoyable than … [Read on]

Thinking Penny Mordaunt would be a good choice of PM? Think again

20th October 2022 10

This article was published in July during the previous leadership election It beggars belief that Penny Mordaunt, the Queen of Woke, is odds-on favourite to win the Conservative leadership contest and become the next prime minister. The country needs her like a shot in the head. Apart from an impressively bouffant hairdo in the best Thatcherite tradition, a photogenic smile, … [Read on]

The day is coming when my country is not mine

22nd June 2022 17

As the Channel migrant crisis deepens, and one half-baked scheme after another bites the dust, our thoughts turn more and more to Jean Raspail and his prophetic Camp of the Saints (1973), in which the first of an armada of a hundred ships arrives off the Mediterranean coast of France from India, a decrepit old British steamer carrying some 50,000 … [Read on]

Glastonbury. A new hymn for this sacred Christian site: “Snake ass niggas got me ridin’ with my garden tool”

17th June 2022 17

Thousands of rock fans will be converging on Somerset next week for the Glastonbury Festival, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but Lenny Henry has put a dampener on the summer fun by complaining about the lack of diversity in the Glastonbury audience – in other words, that there are too many whites. According to Henry, in conversation with Clive … [Read on]