The Real World is now the Woke World

25th September 2022 4

We have entered an age where subjectivity trumps objective facts, where decibels outweigh debate and where rhetoric (here defined as ‘language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect, but which is often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content’) will always be superior to reason. This is the age of identity politics, ‘lived’ experience, ‘my truth’ and a … [Read on]

Liz Truss’s dash for bankruptcy ?

25th September 2022 2

The Telegraph is in buoyant mood. Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini budget represents ‘a rediscovery, in modernised form, of the ideas and ideals that rejuvenated Britain, America and others in the 1980s’. At last, we have ‘the kind of radical Conservative programme that has been promised so many times but never delivered’. Telegraph commentators have never seen anything like it. Allister Heath … [Read on]

Is the EU turning right? Don’t make me laugh

14th September 2022 10

Current elections in Europe are revealing a move to the right in politics. In Sweden, the Sweden Democrats (dodgy extremist origins, now mainstream centre-right nationalists, anti-liberal immigration and somewhat EU-sceptical) are poised at the time of writing to become the largest partner in a new-right-wing bloc government, ousting the left-wing, progressive administration by the slimmest of margins. In Italy, the … [Read on]

Queen Elizabeth

8th September 2022 25

I cannot hide my sadness, tears, or fear. The last of an old kind of Englishman had sadly been lost. A queen who through the most revolutionary periods in this nation’s history, has remained resilient and proud of what she represented. The greatest kind of life! A life of service and devotion to our nation. Perhaps the last? One cannot … [Read on]

What will we do when Putin closes all the gas taps?

8th September 2022 5

It alarms me that Radio Corbyn Extra (BBC Radio 4 Today) has given such an enthusiastic welcome to Liz Truss’s plan to encourage people to carry on leaving their lights on all night, ramp up their central heating, and eat out on the government in the hundreds of thousands of cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in Britain since … [Read on]

Why has the British government subcontracted its immigration services to the Mafia ?

29th August 2022 12

P&O Ferries and Brittany Ferries must be sweating over the success of the budget cross-Channel services being offered to customers looking to come over to Britain. I say ‘budget’, but one does not get much for one’s massive expenditure outlay: a rubber dingy that has not undergone any Health and Safety supervision and an old life-jacket. Nonetheless, the great advantages … [Read on]

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