Fifty Years On: Brexit Under Threat

31st January 2023 8

Fifty years ago, Britain joined the EEC (European Economic Community). Much was made then and since by Europhiles, who claimed Britain should have joined much earlier, and by many others that by then we had joined much too late. Of course, Britain did try to join earlier, in 1961, not long after the EEC was formed in 1957. And then … [Read on]

How the myth of a ‘free’ NHS kills.

3rd January 2023 7

Imagine a free airline that sets no limit on the number of passengers that can board an aircraft. There would be crash after crash. Would the public be content to watch a jumbo jet in flames almost every week? It is exactly what is going on in the NHS, with 500 patients dying each week for lack of attention. The … [Read on]

Whitehall’s sneering contempt for us

2nd January 2023 2

“Matthew Rycroft,” reported the Daily Telegraph on the 29.12.22,  “the most senior civil servant in the Home Office during the failure to tackle the surge in small boats crossing the English Channel has received a knighthood in the New Year Honours,” The article went on , “Mr Rycroft has overseen major backlogs in dealing with passport applications and defended the right of … [Read on]

Migration Watch Blog

29th December 2022 3

  Politicians react to shocking census and immigration figures with a shrug of the shoulders  The facts are there for everyone to see. Immigration has changed the country. In some parts, Britain has been transformed in just a few decades, picking up pace since the turn of the century. In historical terms, it has happened in little more than a blink of an … [Read on]

Harry and Megan Echo and Narcissus

21st December 2022 20

When Aristotle repeated the wisdom of the Delphic Oracle of ‘Know Thyself’ he was preceded by a long line of poets, philosophers and other idlers. The phrase spans all languages, all religions. It is one of those quick and helpful philosophical gems which, like the ‘Cogitans’ of Descartes – ‘I think therefore I am’, fits the modern world of fast … [Read on]

Conservatives at war with a parliament totally out of touch

21st December 2022 7

Isn’t it strange how these days conservatives are the radicals and heretics? Traditionally (in every sense) preservers of the old orthodoxies and institutions, many conservatives are now railing against them and calling for their overthrow. And little wonder. Parliament might be another world away, preoccupied with issues far removed from Joe Public, and singularly failing to address the issues with … [Read on]

The Real Immigration Gangs

15th December 2022 13

Yesterday the 14th December, Suella Braverman, emphasised in the House of Commons the importance of, ‘breaking the business model of the people smugglers.’ She is in a long line of Home Secretaries who have been handing out this pap for years, yet you can be sure she knows who the real ‘gangs’ are. They are called immigration lawyers. Their business … [Read on]

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