AI Wokery

18th February 2023 1

It is rumoured that AI is censored to promote woke ideas. There is a story that somebody designed an AI bot called DAN with extreme right wing views on race, homosexuality, immigration etc, which gave ‘the wrong’ answers when asked such questions as, ‘Do illegal migrants commit more crimes than legal migrants?’ ‘Are women women, or can a woman be … [Read on]

Latest from Migration Watch.

1st July 2022 8

Census confirms huge population growth in overcrowded England and Wales

Ukraine, just media hot air

27th February 2022 8

Boris Johnson’s war of words in support of the Ukraine is going down well with the media. Yesterday he raised the metaphorical stakes to new levels by pronouncing that the ‘economic ligature’ was being tightened around Putin’s neck. But despite Johnson’s bluster about sanctions being ‘unprecedented’, the overwhelming proportion of Russian assets in Britain and its offshore tax havens, where … [Read on]

How soon before the white British are living on a reservation?

14th February 2022 15

Eugenics has proved a popular subject for authors and scholars in recent years. Adam Rutherford’s Control: The Dark History and Troubling Present of Eugenics is the latest addition to the canon and has attracted much praise by reviewers. The subtext of course is that we can congratulate ourselves on our superior twenty-first century ethical standpoint as we consider the spectacle … [Read on]

Professor John Vincent.’ An early case of cancellation

27th March 2021 4

Extract from his TIMES Obituary 27th March 2021 ‘Mrs Thatcher is the point at which all snobberies meet, intellectual snobbery, social snobbery, the snobbery about scientists among those educated in the arts, the snobbery of the metropolis about the provincial, the snobbery of the south about the north, and the snobbery of men about career women.’ Comment by the Editor … [Read on]

Advice to commentators

9th January 2021 28

Our bloggers are complaining that certain commentators are beginning to make the site a free blog site of their own. In future comments on blogs are to be limited to 150 words, and apart from single line replies to other commentators, no more than two comments totalling 200 words. Comments going over these limits will be taken down Your co-operation … [Read on]

The Islamist beheadings: How long before the head count in the west is like the picture?

18th October 2020 61

Two days ago, in the town of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on the outskirts of Paris, a 47-year old French teacher of the humanities, Samuel Paty, was decapitated in the street by an Islamist for having dared show his pupils cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as part of a course on freedom of expression. It is no exaggeration to say that France is in a state of shock. Mass demonstrations are … [Read on]

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