Trump is lured into support of ISIS.

8th April 2017 11

Whoever mounted the Sarin gas attack in Syria has achieved every single objective ISIS can ever have wished for. Each absolutely contrary to the interests, even the survival of the Assad regime. 1.The Russians have suspended the inter airforce agreement […]

Salisbury Review; Editorial Winter 2016

13th December 2016 1

Donald Trump is everything the British don’t like about Americans, too familiar, too loud. He has funny hair, he talks like a second-hand car salesman and if he sat near to you in a café, […]

Anjem Choudary; The Day Freedom Died.

7th September 2016 21

Locking a man in a cell for five and a half years to prevent him airing his views is the final triumph of Britain’s immigration policy. We are now no better than a grubby third world dictatorship, with […]

A £10 charge to attend A & E.

26th August 2016 3

I was staggered to learn that only 327,000 people entered Britain last year. Not only are our borders open to all comers but on arrival they find the ground strewn with roses in the form […]

Brexin. Vote until you get it left

25th June 2016 0

Over a million and a half signatures have been gathered asking for the EU Referendum to be voted on again. Complainants say that the margin of the Leave side’s victory of less than 20% was too small […]