Theodore Dalrymple
Theodore Dalrymple is a retired prison doctor and psychiatrist. A highly popular journalist, he writes for The Times, The British Medical Journal,The Observer, Daily Telegraph, Spectator, The Salisbury Review and is contributing editor to the City Journal where he is Dietrich Weismann Fellow. His books include, ‘Life at the Bottom’, ‘Our Culture’, What’s Left of It’ ‘Spoilt Rotten: The Toxic Cult of Sentimentality’ ‘The World view that Makes the Underclass’. ‘Dalrymple’s work,’ writes Daniel Hannnan, ‘takes pessimism about human nature to a new level….once you get past the initial shock of reading about battered wives, petty crooks and junkies from a non-Left perspective, you find humanity and pathos.

Theodore Dalrymple; What’s in a Word?

27th September 2016 0

What’s in a word, and how much can it express? Sometimes quite a lot, if it’s just the right one. The other day I had an example of how much a single well-chosen word can […]

Jo Cox; A Very Modern Saint

12th September 2016 0

When Jo Cox, the Labour Member of Parliament, was murdered just before the referendum on Brexit, I thought that it might turn the vote in favour of the status quo, of which she, otherwise an […]

Turkey; Making the sewers run on time.

7th September 2016 0

It is a truism that the economic centre of gravity has moved east in the last two or three decades. Europe is sluggish, and even North America, while still the most innovative economic region of […]

A robbery that went right

25th August 2016 4

I was reading an article in Le Figaro the other day about the case in Texas of Jeffery Wood, a man under sentence of death (for the last twenty years) for having participated in a […]

Driving in France

17th August 2016 4

While driving in France recently I picked up a young hitch-hiker. I give a lift to young hitch-hikers whenever I can as a symbolic means of thanking all those (most of whom must now, alas, […]

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