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Our Appeal and The Salisbury Review’s Future

Since our last appeal you have been enormously generous with your donations which have kept us afloat. Please keep them coming. We  live on a financial knife edge. A single edition costs £4000 to print. Editing and printing the Salisbury Review is a job that normally would take a large team of journalists busy, but to keep down costs there are only six of us. We rely entirely subscriptions and the generosity of our readers to keep the magazine in print and to expand its readership, which is vital for its survival so that in a few years the magazine is handed on to young, equally enthusiastic hands. 

In doing so you are keeping alive one of the last independent magazines of the right; we have no owner, no interest group telling us what we can or cannot publish, no  censor sitting at the editor’s elbow telling him to take out ‘unwoke’ words; just six willing hands who create the magazine every quarter.

In addition if you are a subscriber to the digital version feel free to send a copy to your friends, you can download it from the web site, for which there is no extra charge, and ask them once they have read it to pass it on, and please, when you have finished reading your paper copy give it to a friend.

Thank you for donating. It is much appreciated.

You can use our preferred method via our new Secure Subscriber Site or the PayPal Donate Button below.

Thank You

The Editor & Staff

The Salisbury Review