Theodore Dalrymple; Stigmatising Stigma

10th October 2012 2

Some words, printed in red in the Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal, caught my attention: Being at the receiving end of charity can be stigmatising… And, as everyone knows or by now has accepted as an unassailable orthodoxy, to stigmatise is both morally wrong and disastrous in its effects. Ergo charity is reprehensible and ought to be stamped … [Read on]

About The Salisbury Review

18th February 2016 0

History   The Salisbury Review, now thirty three years old, conveys the ideas and concerns of genuine conservatism with articles on all aspects of public life, social policy and the arts often including discussions of subjects which are not generally aired in the mainstream press.  The magazine began in 1982, the year of the Falklands and the post-Afghanistan ‘peace offensive’ … [Read on]

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