Jane Kelly: Storm Doris

23rd February 2017 2

We’re British, let’s panic, about everything Today is Doris Day.  A woman called Helen Chivers, not Shivers as she should be, from the Met Office has just been on R4 telling us that giving human […]

Jane Kelly; Killing Grandma for Gay sex

11th September 2016 3

On Tuesday August 2nd a High Court judge ordered the NHS to provide daily pills to 10,000 gay men who don’t have HIV but are at high risk of being infected through unprotected sex. It […]

In Britain the dead have the vote

17th August 2016 3

As Anjem Choudary sits in his prison cell awaiting his sentence in September, he has the consolation of knowing that he is not a defeated man. He leaves a personal legacy of death and destruction […]

Jane Kelly; Justice for The Clapham Groper

27th June 2016 2

Like the most people I am dismayed by mass migration into England. I suspect many asylum claims are bogus and feel unhappy about the arrival of so many Muslims into Europe, puzzled at why they […]

Education,’The kids are alright… aren’t they?’

25th June 2016 3

On June 17th Tate Modern at Bankside, London, opened a new building to further transform Gilbert Scott’s power station. Its publicity says it  ‘dazzling new galleries, the return of subterranean Tanks,’ and most importantly, ‘welcoming […]

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