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Down with the White Man in Art

16th March 2023 10

Woke up to the joyful news that Beeston Council, Nottingham, under the guidance of their Civic Society, has decided to allow local road tunnels to be spray-painted with graffiti. According to Jeanie Barton of the society, the arrival of unintelligible writing in thick black lines and accompanying childlike bubbles in sugary colours is a ‘poignant’ commemoration of fifty years of … [Read on]

Will Aberdeen University be banning all computers, mobile phones and fashions for fear of slavery links ??

2nd March 2023 2

The University of Aberdeen has bravely conducted a ground-breaking review of its historical funding, in which it ascertained that the family of Mary Ann Baxter, the lady who donated the equivalent of £14.4 million by modern standards and indeed co-founded the university, made some of her money by selling a type of cheap linen used as clothing for slaves. This … [Read on]

The Windsor Framework – The Last King of England?

28th February 2023 14

The terms of this treaty are simple. In return for the lifting of rules designed to wreck trade between Britain and Northern Ireland imposed by Brussels, the EU under its unelected President Ursula Von de Leyen ( did you vote for her when we were in the EU?) Britain has agreed to recognise the European Court of Justice having final … [Read on]

BBC thinks it is not ok to be White

28th February 2023 2

Scott Adams, creator of the cult comic strip character Dilbert, the put-upon office worker who mocks the fads of corporate culture, was accused by the BBC today of a ‘racist tirade’ against blacks. The BBC reported that Mr Adams ‘who is white [my italics], said black Americans were part of a “hate group” and white people should “get the hell … [Read on]


27th February 2023 3

Quelle surprise! Another Brexit sell-out with the ‘Windsor Framework’ replacement of the Northern Ireland Protocol? While we await details of the agreement, some aspects are clear – as are their implications. Politics – and EU politics especially – excel at obfuscating issues. The EU has, from its start, wrapped itself in Byzantine laws and procedures to obscure its underhand goals. … [Read on]

Beware of the Gentry … and the Sociologists

27th February 2023 5

It’s no picnic, being middle class. We belong to what is the most envied and despised subculture on the planet. While economists often attribute political instability to the developing world, particularly South America, to the failure of the middle class to become established, the left are inclined to blame the same people, the ‘bourgeoisie’, for all the ills of society. … [Read on]

General Paralysis of the Diverse

25th February 2023 2

The Performing Rights Society (PRS) is a body that collects a modest levy on the playing of music in public spaces, in order that the musicians or composers be paid a small sum each time their work – ie their intellectual and artistic property – is broadcast. This seems fairly reasonable, though as usual, power corrupts: “In October 2009, PRS … [Read on]

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