The Islamic assault on Britain: What a real government would do.

25th May 2017 4

MI5 announced (25.5.17) that they have 3000 potential Islamic bombers under surveillance in the UK. ———– Most are home grown or found among ‘refugees’  the vast majority being false claimants under UK asylum rules, while reinforcements arrive every day hidden […]

The NHS – Saved by a booze tax

20th May 2017 0

We each pay £1500 a year for the NHS We spend £1000 per head a year on alcohol Alcohol poisoning is the commonest disease seen in A & E. Funny, I thought Jeremy worried about the health of the working classes, £5 […]

Labour could win the General Election

17th May 2017 0

Labour’s chances of winning the General Election have improved enormously since their offer of free university tuition, bringing in rent control, taxing the rich and nationalising the railways. You may scoff but Corbyn had the same […]

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