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Ukraine’s Colossal Challenge

Ukraine’s new recruits have returned from training camps all over Nato. Main battle tanks pledged over a frantic winter of diplomacy by President Zelensky – including Denmark’s entire stock of Leopards and a quarter of Britain’s deployable Challenger-2s – have been delivered. US Patriot missile defence systems are in place, and vast stocks of Soviet-made […]

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Saving the Statues

The wave of statue-felling that many foresaw back in the summer of 2020 did not come to pass. Edward Colston was the first and the last to be violently dragged from his pedestal, after which only Robert Milligan was removed (more peaceably), while Sir Thomas Picton remains on death row in Cardiff, entombed in plywood. […]

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Free Academic Examination

It was early December 2017 and my wife and I were at Heathrow airport, waiting to board a flight to Germany. Just before setting off for the departure gate, I could not resist checking my email just one last time. My attention sharpened when I saw a message in my inbox from the University of […]

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Losing Doctors

Doctors in these times of general suspicion have generally been among the most trusted of professionals, despite occasional revelations of serious wrongdoing by individual members of the profession. Even the evil activities of Dr Shipman hardly dented the regard in which doctors were held, and no one seriously feared to encounter his like when consulting […]

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Rise of the Young Scrutonians

It is over three years now since Sir Roger Scruton, Britain’s last conservative philosopher, died. He left a legacy of thought and ideas captured in crystalline prose, eloquent speeches and daring deeds to spread his certain idea of conservatism across the civilised world. His output in books alone was hugely varied but which more than […]

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Letter from Poland

“I’m going to Poland,” I told my Gran almost ten years ago. “Holland?” she replied. I’m not sure if she misheard or if the idea of someone moving to Poland was inexplicable. British people didn’t move to Poland. Polish people moved to Britain.  Of course, the latter remains more accurate than the former. But I […]

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Clement Attlee's Answer

What would Clement Attlee think? It’s a question which first occurred to me a few years ago while pondering why a “conservative” government was planning to allow Huawei – an entity linked to the Chinese Communist Party – to help install the UK’s 5G network. What would any figure from the traditional patriotic Left, whether […]

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Crowned Without the Koh-i-Noor

With the King anointed and the coronation complete, it is worth reflecting on some underlying concerns. Two early decisions of the Palace suggest that the new reign might be rather more prone to wokedom than the late Queen’s. One is the decision to support research into royal links with slavery; the other to remove the […]

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