Girls just wanna have fun!

25th May 2017 3

Out of all the distress and fury from the BBC and social media about the recent attack on Muslims in Manchester, or that is what seems to have happened, one incident stood out for particular […]

Tories sniff Karl Marx’s Fundament

20th May 2017 1

Since, under the leadership of Theresa May, the Conservative party has been turned into the Labour party, we can see signs of class war and the politics of envy  breaking out all over the place. The […]

The NHS – Saved by a booze tax

20th May 2017 0

We each pay £1500 a year for the NHS We spend £1000 per head a year on alcohol Alcohol poisoning is the commonest disease seen in A & E. Funny, I thought Jeremy worried about the health of the working classes, £5 […]

Labour could win the General Election

17th May 2017 0

Labour’s chances of winning the General Election have improved enormously since their offer of free university tuition, bringing in rent control, taxing the rich and nationalising the railways. You may scoff but Corbyn had the same […]

Ian Brady

17th May 2017 0

Just over twenty years ago I published a short, fictional self-justification of a serial killer. Shortly thereafter, Ian Brady (who died recently as one of the most unlamented men in the world) published his autobiography. […]

Labour’s Mad Hatter Economics

16th May 2017 0

 Jeremy Corbyn has announced that the Labour party’s manifesto will include a promise to gather together a great many £billions in high denomination notes and throw them all on the fire. Not literally, but their […]

Back to Marie Antoinette

15th May 2017 5

It is a commonplace of modern social thought that western societies are dividing into two opposite castes: those who are doing well (and whose children will do well) and those who are being left behind […]

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