The Modern Child; A handbook

21st September 2016 1

I know little about actual children as I don’t have any. Viewing them from a distance I know that they are now mostly called ‘kids,’ school pupils are now known as, ‘students,’ and apparently many […]

Donald Trump Political Wrecking Ball

14th September 2016 0

One of the first books I ever bought was Trump’s The Art of the Deal. Yes, I readily scorned the stuffy volumes of Balzac’s Human Comedy under my native roof, to go roll in the […]

Jo Cox; A Very Modern Saint

12th September 2016 0

When Jo Cox, the Labour Member of Parliament, was murdered just before the referendum on Brexit, I thought that it might turn the vote in favour of the status quo, of which she, otherwise an […]

Grammar Schools; A General Election Matter?

11th September 2016 1

The prospect of a grammar school in every city in Britain terrifies a middle class left entrenched in privilege and wealth. Grammar schools represent a golden age in British education when a bright working class […]

Jane Kelly; Killing Grandma for Gay sex

11th September 2016 1

On Tuesday August 2nd a High Court judge ordered the NHS to provide daily pills to 10,000 gay men who don’t have HIV but are at high risk of being infected through unprotected sex. It […]

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