Squire Haggard’s Journal.

10th December 2016 0

Squire Haggard’s Journal was conceived when I was a young reporter on the Northampton Chronicle and Echo in 1943. Our weekly companion paper The Northampton Mercury and Herald boasted the oldest complete files in Europe, […]

We don’t need no Edukashon

7th December 2016 0

When it comes to edukashon, the UK is still lagging behind many countries and has made little progress in international rankings since the results of three years ago. The widely respected Pisa rankings, run by the OECD, are based on […]

The Honey Monster, Two cats and a Dishwasher

6th December 2016 1

December 1st; Thursday. Online chum Nick Jordan (no supporter of President Honey Monster, I should add) reports that “Last night I dreamt I was having dinner with Donald Trump. I gave him some much needed […]


6th December 2016 1

Exitalia: Is Italy Next Out of the EU? On Sunday, December 4th, Italians voted decisively in a referendum, rejecting a proposal by prime minister Matteo Renzi to alter the country’s constitution. This effectively forced his […]

Theodore Dalrymple; Gender Benders

5th December 2016 3

My computer tries to improve my style by automatically underlining in blue what it believes to be clichés or redundant phrases. If I type in order to, for example, the blue wavy line appears unbidden […]

Hi there Beijing!

3rd December 2016 7

Beijing has has lodged a stiff protest with the United States over Donald Trump’s call to the Taiwanese President it was announced this morning. “We have already made solemn representations about it to the relevant US […]

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