Jeremy Corbyn’s New Britain

29th September 2016 1

Jeremy Corbyn, fresh from his victory being voted in as party leader by his 500,000 mainly young, vociferous, largely female fanship, announced at the Labour Conference in Liverpool today, 28/09/16 his plans on the great […]

Theodore Dalrymple; What’s in a Word?

27th September 2016 0

What’s in a word, and how much can it express? Sometimes quite a lot, if it’s just the right one. The other day I had an example of how much a single well-chosen word can […]

Cakes Are All That Count

26th September 2016 1

It’s been a tale of skulduggery, plotting and internecine warfare with the public divided and the press fulminating and censorious. The saga seems never ending and no one comes out of it very well; nothing […]

Why is Wales not like Scotland?

25th September 2016 0

In 1997 the Scots voted in a referendum by a large majority to have a devolved parliament with considerable powers. In the same year a referendum in Wales created a Welsh Assembly with far fewer […]

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