Brexin; The Wood at Compiègne revisited

28th June 2016 5

I have never been happier to be proven wrong. I predicted in the first Referendum Watch in December that the result would be decisively in favour of remaining in the EU, on the normally safe […]

Jane Kelly; Justice for The Clapham Groper

27th June 2016 1

Like the most people I am dismayed by mass migration into England. I suspect many asylum claims are bogus and feel unhappy about the arrival of so many Muslims into Europe, puzzled at why they […]

Brexit: A Yugoslav Denouement ?

26th June 2016 2

In between the nerve-jangling music relayed over the public address system in the supermarket nearest my house in France, there were today announcements about special offers of various comestibles. On each occasion the announcement ended […]

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