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BBC wimmin on their menstrual (wokestrual) cycles

17th July 2022 11

In an age when educated people are rejecting scientific fact in favour of identitarian faith, dietary whims, and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, there has been a sudden, quite passionate embrace of biology at least to do with women. BBC Radio 4 is offering us, 28ish Days Later, ‘An intimate, bold, taboo busting series,’ in twenty-nine fifteen-minute episodes, all about the menstrual … [Read on]

The James Watt Telescope. No news of creation’s postcode

15th July 2022 14

Seeing the recent pictures from the James Webb telescope I recalled an answer a Professor of Astrophysics at an Oxford College recently gave me when I asked him, ‘Where is the Universe?’ As in ‘Where do you live, what’s your address, will I need a visitor’s parking ticket if I come after nine am?  Talking of time, what are the … [Read on]

Boris out, Brexit out.

11th July 2022 32

Boris Johnson’s removal is a national disaster. He was the only politician capable of keeping up Europe wide military support for Ukraine – already lagging – which if it is conquered will bring us close to World War 3. Why was he dismissed ? For having a gay groper as a deputy chief whip and sipping a glass of wine … [Read on]

Boris Johnson: The Aftermath

10th July 2022 11

When Mountbatten’s tenure as Chief of Defence Staff was not extended in 1964, an official put a sign on his empty desk saying, ‘Remember that, after all, he was a great man’. Posterity has come to judge Mountbatten, and his achievements, rather differently. But at least he served. What of Boris Johnson? A man of destiny or a shameless self-publicising … [Read on]

Latest from Migration Watch.

1st July 2022 8

Census confirms huge population growth in overcrowded England and Wales

Fat shaming – The new adipose crime

25th June 2022 11

Wokesters on twitter have found another glaring social injustice; ‘Fat shaming’. The word ‘fat’ is no longer allowed among the virtuous; in the enlightened US they have long used ‘Big’ instead, so that if someone tells you they come from a ‘big family’ you don’t necessarily need to look enthusiastic. The issue has swelled to large proportions by skinny actress … [Read on]

The day is coming when my country is not mine

22nd June 2022 17

As the Channel migrant crisis deepens, and one half-baked scheme after another bites the dust, our thoughts turn more and more to Jean Raspail and his prophetic Camp of the Saints (1973), in which the first of an armada of a hundred ships arrives off the Mediterranean coast of France from India, a decrepit old British steamer carrying some 50,000 … [Read on]

Confessions of a National Union of Teachers Rep – they are about to call a strike

20th June 2022 3

I never intended to become a union representative; I wanted to concentrate on teaching. But I hadn’t reckoned on the politics which frustrates so many teachers. The perennial exasperation of being hampered from doing the job properly, rampant bullying, lack of professionalism and ease with which all these factors could be aligned to end a teacher’s career in the byzantine … [Read on]

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