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Glastonbury. A new hymn for this sacred Christian site: “Snake ass niggas got me ridin’ with my garden tool”

17th June 2022 17

Thousands of rock fans will be converging on Somerset next week for the Glastonbury Festival, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but Lenny Henry has put a dampener on the summer fun by complaining about the lack of diversity in the Glastonbury audience – in other words, that there are too many whites. According to Henry, in conversation with Clive … [Read on]

Cleaning White Art out of the The Royal Academy Summer show

9th June 2022 15

The English summer is always full of delights, Pimm’s, open gardens to visit if the rain holds off, and a trip to the RA Summer Show an art feast since 1769, showing over 5,000 works including printing, sculpture, film, photography and architecture. This year 14,000 works were submitted, 1,500 shortlisted. I was fortunate to have two paintings nominated.  I read … [Read on]

War in Ukraine is solely about oil and gas

2nd June 2022 7

the sooner people realise the war in Ukraine is about oil and gas, and the pipelines the sooner we can accept that Russia is no different than the west in Iraq. (Ukraine has A LOT of oil and gas, the Dinper-Donest basin = 1.3 trillion cubic meters of oil alone.) — alex (@SchmalfCo) June 1, 2022  

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